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  1. Yeah, if your setup gets corrupted and you can no longer launch Phantasy Star Online 2, if you uninstall Phantasy Star Online 2 it is only going to uninstall the launcher but abandon just like 50GB of stains behind. It will conceal these 50GB worth of documents in a document that takes away your admin rights so that it's a fight to even get in the folder and eventually delete everything. And you have to do PSO2AH this because Phantasy Star Online 2 will not replace the old files if you try to just reinstall Phantasy Star Online 2, because that will make too much sense, so you wind up with your hard disk now being taken up by over 100GB with the chance of the primary problem still persisting so the moment you shut Phantasy Star Online 2 you won't be able to start it again. There are several people saying that this is exactly what each MMO launch resembles, but after spending half an hour troubleshooting yesterday I will confidently say it is the worst launch I have ever addressed. It is so much easier just to download and fanpatch that the JP launch and play there because of just how fuckin' poor the Windows store has screwed up things. You can change a SINGLE CONFIG LINE in the JP launcher and it'll download almost the US version. At some stage someone caught on and took functionality out, though. It's infuriating that fucking WORKS and they decided to brick it. On top of all that, JP variant has improved optimization, SOMEHOW has higher-quality visuals, and may really be modded and tinkered with after it is successfully installed. But I'd like to expand on a few points you made since it's worse than you said. Phantasy Star Online 2 does eat 70 gigs on uninstall. If you try to spot Phantasy Star Online 2 and fail, then have to restart, then opt to give up, it'll lock down that hard disk space twice, eating 140 gigs. If it merely fails twice and you then power through, sometimes it eats that 140 plus Phantasy Star Online 2's normal setup for 210 gigs. It is completely unbelievable. In addition to that, I really feel like since you did not mention how many cubes there were I want to emphasize the participant count difference. On boats 1 and 2 there were generally 2-3 stuffed blocks on Xbox, typically 1 on boat 3. I am on the boat, number three, and they stuffed blocks at population. Even if all three ships were completely maxed and deadlocked so hard that entering your own personal room blocked you from returning they apparently still refuse to bring another three observable ships on the internet. I've been ranting and raving and pissy at Sega within the previous two weeks for treating the PC community like complete shit for this release, and it's feeling quite goddamn justified right now because the PC launch is an absolute nightmare and they have been 100% silent throughout all this. Just hoping to install or uninstall Phantasy Star Online 2 is. Also I tried removing the bloat files based on information I found online. My Microsoft Store program is brokenup, from working, like xbox and net explorer of all things and some other microsoft programs stop. It's a complete pain in the ass to fix this and I am likely going to need to reset my OS just to fix this issue and have my PC back to how it was buy Phantasy Star Online 2 Meseta before I installed NA PSO 2.
  2. Item is.they are working on another game.but ive been enjoying MUT because'15, and there's always other content/promos this time of year, the new stuff just actually ceased in mid-July, now early July since the game comes out sooner. Recall in MUT'15 when we got the 4th of July promo? I believe its something else. I think EA knows that coins are king, and they truly dont want to give anyone. ANYONE. A"heads up" about matters in Mut 20 coins order that they will have the ability to make coins. They want to show items following their twitter page and at because it keeps people the last minute. Who wants Madden 20 when it is possible to play Madden 08 with mods? Personally the animations take me. Madden 20 deserves condemnation but it looks better than it's predecessors so long as things go right. However, I fully encourage others chosing to play the games. Madden 20 has plenty of moments that are far scripted and cartoons. Madden 20 also has Madden 08 does also. It is not the existence of animations but the quality of them. The older games have cartoons that are stiff looking. Nobody is stopping anybody from playing with the old games. Because it is not that many they will not be listed by any one. Every feature people talk about being removed was in one Madden at a single stage for a year and never came backagain. Even considering every single Madden ever made combined there wouldn't be 99 percent more attributes than Madden 20. Some big ones however, in my view, are now being in a position to relocate or even completely build a new team with a customized arena, there was an amazing drill style in 08 (and many others I think) that was fantastic for practice and getting all of the gold medals was very cool, and the biggest one I miss the most is that the Legend players and having the ability to perform a draft with them (that was in Madden 10 for sure, not sure about 08.) The animations are what take me from it using Madden 20. That dumb"hit stick" feature is bad enough in its implementation, but seeing a man just push over a ball carrier, worse, hit him on the soccer field, is just stupid. But in Madden it's treated just like a tackle. There is only so many times it is possible to see until you get tired, plays that not only are not penalized but are lauded of these animations. Like when Madden nfl determines your QB is going to be sacked, you absolutely don't have any chance to try to get a pass, even if it'll be a rickety mess. The QB eats the sack and always just pulls inside. To say nothing about the way defenders play with the ball (i.e. linebackers out balls balls out of the air that are passing by them without even looking at the path of the ball and consequently no way to know that the ball will be cheap Madden 20 coins in that specific spot at the specific moment). But even the"fine" animations are part of a really awful game. Madden nfl's so reliant on making things look"good" it ends up feeling overly scripted.
  3. The most important difference is the battle system. A great deal of people are bias towards the version of RuneScape game, as thats. Another thing to consider is that due to the disposition of RuneScape sport and battle, its a whole lot easier to side-screen osrs compared to RS3, which contributes to higher view counts (and game population being a huge variable ) on twitch. In case this type of game suits you it is RS gold absolutely worth starting out in 2020. Both games are currently grinding games. You and they play with for the grinding and leveling. Nevertheless, RS3 is much more endgame concentrated than osrs. Players, and I believe jagex themselves thinks, RuneScape game does not really start until you hit maximum levels that has lead to because the start of RS3. OSRS on the other hand, while it has endgame such as raids/pking/pvm content, is still far more dedicated to the path to max levels, in place of the highest levels themselves. While I dislike the combat system that is RS3, I state PvM in RS3 is a lot more intriguing than osrs. Comparatively, OSRS I'd say has far better mid game material (all about; PvM, PvP, and non-combat), and also a far superior PvP system. I play with osrs only now (having since maxed in RS3 years ago), but still have grievances with RuneScape sport, especially in PvM in which tick-manipulation and dull prayer flicking has come to be the metagame. Hopefully this helps you somewhat. I have played mmorpgs my whole lifetime, runescape being one of them, I played it around 2009 but left after completing dragon slayer in my first account. I went through A LOT of mmos, including the same"large 4" that each comment with this reddit recommends. Mmos that were popular loved every bit of it. For the previous 5 years did nothing but jump between mmos but not one of them eventually got me hooked, played for less than a month, maybe not placing enough hours cuz it wasn't enjoyable for me and just quitted and came back 3 months later for the same sequence. Small than two months back I was scrolling twitter and came by a screenshot of both runescape 3 and I believed"wth is RuneScape currently?" After thinking for like 5 minutes installed it and tried it out with a new account. I have to say, thank god, I have finally discovered my time-waster match I was looking for. Launched as a f2p purchased the sub like 1 week in. Quests obtained revamped, a lot of things have changed. Sure there are a great deal of yet another lot that are pretty awful and things that are beneficial. One of these being microtransactions, which the way I view it, it is cheap RuneScape gold not even relevant, people who still plays this after so many years are maxed out. To me it doesn't matter if they're however since most of RuneScape match is rather single participant, so that wipes any kind of competition. I really can't see where the"p2w" aspect of this microtransaction system actually gives you an advantage over individuals that has already pretty much got every single thing in RuneScape game so that you won't be a"world first" for almost 99% of it.
  4. Old School Runescape is more populated than Runescape 3. In Runescape 3 leveling up skills is much faster but there are more skills in RuneScape match to level up. OSRS has older images while Runescape 3 has advanced graphics. Technically Runescape 3 has more articles however OSRS is much more of a sandbox whilst Runescape 3 nevertheless is, it's more linearity to it's content that's provided. Both matches have active communities too. OSRS has no decorative microtransactions either. I'd say study information on RuneScape matches before making your decision on which to RS gold perpetrate. That's the collective opinions of everybody, although OSRS is hailed as the better and popular game. You might love RS3 better but you do you. I recommend OSRS myself, but it is up to you to see not or if you prefer RS3 more. OSRS is honestly an unbelievable game. There is a whole lot of content, the battling is astonishingly in depth at high levels for how RuneScape game looks/seems on it's face. It's also fine because though gold is significant and you may directly cover it, the vast bulk of the things you'll be working towards is basically just getting better in RuneScape game and unlocking content through doing quests/beating bosses/etc. Your account basically has a lot of small checkboxes that perks are offered by, and you need to go about doing them. Quests offer a tangible reward beyond XP. There's also lots of really interesting/strange minigames which go beyond plain questing or combat. RS3 attempts to mimic it, but I believe by modernizing it lost a great deal of it has charm, and EXTREMELY leans to the cash shop. Osrs fills individuals and has really crappy combat, images. Its more populated, but runescape is mostly one player game for the mostpart. RS3 has better graphics (but still looks bad), much better and more intricate fight should you arnt biased against it, better and a whole lot more narrative content, but has microtransactions everywere (except you are entering a match where people have maxed level/gear decades and years ago anyways, so having the ability to buy things is somewhat irrelevant). Its easier to degree in general (osrs lacks material later on), but theres more to do with these levels, and greater caps to the mostpart that arnt easier to get to. I really don't know why you're getting downvoted (I really do ), but yeah the graphics were cool again in'06. The battle needs you to click on more in your own stock than anywhere else on the screen and is absolute crap. I adored RS2, don't get me wrong, but you will find better MMO's compared to"Arithmetic Simulator". The problem is that people dont accept RuneScape game for what it is. Nostalgia more than everything they downvote. RuneScape game looks. Even WoW upgraded its appearances. But yeah, RuneScape game was back in the day, it just doesnt hold up anymore. Think of WoW currently is. RS3 is exactly what Runescape has evolved in to over the last few years and is at its core, the identical game, but entirely overhauled. Combat went I do and swing damage, you do and swing harm, to abilities and action bar skills. They also included a great deal of MTX that makes RuneScape game easy and takes a lot of the soul and sense of achievement out. OSRS is essentially how RuneScape match was in 2007, using a great deal of QOL additions and material. It can be played like a simpleton or you'll be able to go sweaty nerd and minute max your efficiency. You are able to buy RuneScape gold do something like click on a tree and have your character chop logs to increase your woodcutting degree at the same time you pay little to no focus.
  5. I've written on here, but it bears repeating: Do not forget the players marriage is complicit in this. However they enjoy so they do nothing whatsoever that royalty check each year they get. It is all about the gamers and the Mut 20 coins NFL. EA would be stupid to not give up the exclusivity from a business standpoint. So that we could have more than one game, the NFL should re-open the license. Competition is best for us. Which Superstar Abilities Need To Be Toned Down In Madden 21? I think escape artist has to be removed. My reason is because every qb that does not have it is screwed by it. They really need to correct the manner qbs proceed from the line. It is like their speed is dropped 20 points, becoming captured by slow ass defensive tackles. Whenever I try to juke with a qb behind the line I get that feeble jump cut on animation that doesn't fake out anyone. None of the characteristics or abilities matter behind this line. I'm willing to wager they did that. If you've noticed that is how Madden appears to"solve" every gameplay issue. Instead they just fuck something up on the opposite side to balance it all out. There is not any method to make Lamar Jackson balanced for competitive play. Ok then don't try. It is soccer match why does it have to be"balanced". Lamar is insane in real life, so I really don't see a problem with him being op in Madden.Except Lamar could be closed down and can be overcome in real life. In Madden, you can't scheme against him as you can in real life. If you've ever played online, you would see countless bums using the Ravens and just cheesing using LJ. It ruins play. A whole lot of Madden players compare about some semblance of equilibrium. I really enjoy this ability, first time in Madden I have actually needed to make certain I consideration for dominant pass rushers with my pass expert. Just give more options to us and we really require scheme alternatives to set up ahead of Madden nfl to help players. I like the overall idea though that should you leave a player like Von Miller one-on-one you're likely to have a poor time.Rex (old manager or w.e) said he wanted to go the course of season moves basically. EA did not want that. If you'd like Madden nfl to be more simulation, take a peek. The animations within that game look so smooth. Madden looks better visually, but 2k plays smoother and seems more accurate to life with how the players react/move. Rex stated that he does not listen to individuals who like 10 year and I believe that's the incorrect move. 2k had movement and physics at a solid spot. They made the sim slider for cheap Madden 20 coins a reason lol if MUT / comp can't reach there.
  6. Overall, Sega has been exceptionally lenient with letting people overseas play with the fan translation. That may change today with the US launch, but I don't think the people of English Phantasy Star Online 2 players on the PSO2AH JP servers which will remain after the complete release in the US will be worth their attempt to do anything around. We'll see though. The SEA version was managed by another business and quite a bit different compared to the JP version with pay2win stuff going on and was far behind in content. That version did not do well and has been shut down a couple of years ago IIRC. Sega had little to do with this release. It had been even in English, but the translation was dreadful and was clearly done by men and women who had never played with a Phantasy Star game. Any new advice on Phantasy Star Online 2 PC Release? All the tools, content, and information say"Late May." Should we be expecting delays? I am wondering if I need to invest in another match, or bide my time to get Phantasy Star. I tried using the Windows 10 Xbox App, however it didn't work. It isn't recorded that I could find, although there is also some articles about a possible Steam launch. It really really feels NA PC users will be the red. I really dislike how the release was handled. Especially the lack of the waits and Steam. Steam is preferred by me but thats anything. When it comes to making money, sega just sounds incompetent. Even Blizzard with their disdain for Phantasy Star Online 2 players had considerably further out than 11 days that are available to go. Truthfully though. This rises from incompetent to something. Is a start value the monetization? Fresh starts eventually get older, but monetization changes. Not to mention the"official" translation seems to be looking worse than the"fanmade" translation. I would highly recommend just playing on cheap PSO2 Meseta JP servers in this point.It's not about the monetization, it's about how gear works. Once everyone reaches a particular point, they kind of stop doing the minimal end quests unless they attempt to level a new course, so if you want to visit a lot of Phantasy Star Online 2 players all the time as you're leveling up then you wish to hope on the new ships.
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